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Our ultimate aim is to provide an appropriate childcare programme, Which Promotes optimal development for each child so that they will realize their potential.

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Child Stimulation

Learning & Creating Colors With a Hands on approach.


We push growth in our safe haven.


Teaching basic life skills from a young age is vital in growth.


Instilling the importance of responsibility

Certified Experts

We have been certified since 2016

Garden Care

Dedication and Patience

Why Choose Us

Pinefields Preschool & Aftercare has a Christian ethos and aims to promote Christian values and morals while catering for the development of young children.

Our school provides a high standard of pre-primary education in a warm, caring and child centered environment facilitating learning through play.

To Nurture

To nurture socially adept and intellectually curious children

To Equip

To equip them to confidently face the challenges of formal schooling

To Build

To assist each child to build within themselves a foundation for a lifetime of creative learning.

To Care

If nothing else but to care for your child and create a safe and loving environment.

Smiles per day
Happy Children
Tons Of Happiness

Kids Say the Darndest of things

Some thoughts from our brightest

Teacher let me help her design the new school uniform! How Cool!
Nadine Berger
Aspiring Fashion Designer
We mix all different paint at school! Such fun!
Robert Berger
Aspiring Painter
"Hi Class, Raise Your Hand if You Have a Question Please."

Questions & Answers

Pinefields Pre-Primary School & Aftercare aims to nurture socially adept and intellectually curious children who are equipped to confidently face the challenges of formal schooling as well as to assist each child in building a foundation for a lifetime of creative learning.

We are a very hands on school. We create a family environment for all children and parents and create real close bonded relationships with our parents and children that stick for many years. We have Godly values and ethical attitudes, these values and attitudes remain with parents and children for the rest of their lives. We simply love and care for every child as if they are our own. We keep our classes small and intimate creating space and individual attention for each child. We are open minded about our teaching methods and know that each child is unique and learn things in their own specific way.

Unfortunately, we do not provide food at the moment hence our fees are a bit more reasonable. But may possibly provide food in the near future. All meals will be healthy and child-friendly as health is very important to us.

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We Offer Educational Services, Such as schooling for ages 6 months – 6 years old, Aftercare for ages 6-
13 Years, Transportation in the nearby areas and Holiday Care.